Lente Keyser - Owner | Writer | Ace-Detective started trading as Bepartofthemystery.com in 2010 to execute the perfect murderous plot and entertain hundreds of would be suspects and amateur detectives.
We write our own games and also collaborate with other South African writers with a penchant for intrique and murder.  Our hosting teams are handpicked for their charm, spontaneity and professionalism. 

What sets our games apart from other murder mystery game options?

  • You can expect fun and outrageous characters with shocking secrets.
  • Your game is unscripted allowing your guests to determine their own character interpretation and destiny.
  • You can truly be part of the mystery as each guest is assigned a character that had the motive and means, making everyone at your murder mystery game a prime suspect. 
  • One of your guests is the murderer and they are allowed to lie through their teeth to try and get away with it.
  • We can make changes to your chosen game at an additional cost. 
  • Downloadable games come with printable hosting kit including an invitation,character descriptions, clue sets with evidence and reports and the game solution.
  • We are just a call away to assist you with your murder mystery party or you can consider our mystery service packages.