Join us for our Feast of Murders 2017 again from April - we should have all confirmed dates, venues and games soon.  You will have the opportunity to solve a mystery, catch a killer, be someone with dark secrets, be embroiled in sizzling scandals, meet fun new people while treating your taste-buds!
  • Have a look at our suspects in action for this past season on our Facebook page!
  • If you are interested in a private event for this year still please contact us to check availability and rates. 

(KILL some time and wait for the event list to load - Depending on your internet connectivity this may take a few seconds to load)

 How it all works:

  • The game script is normally written for 8 characters per table unless otherwise stated.

  • The 8 characters consist of 4 male and 4 female roles. (Cross-dressing is encouraged if you don't have even numbers)

  • Once we have received your full payment and your guests contact details we will send each guest their TOP SECRET character description.  (This will be done after the RSVP deadline one week before the event)

  • NB Once you have reserved your seats our cancellation and character replacement policy applies. In a nutshell if you or one of your friends cannot make it anymore, to ensure that your game is complete, you or your friend should find a substitute. If you cannot find one your game will have to go on with a missing character and our host will fill in the gaps to the best of their ability.

  • On the night of the murder mystery your mug shot will be taken for police records.  These photos will be made available to view, tag or share on our facebook page. Please remember to review our event as well or upload some of your own photographs. 

  • Each guest will receive a mystery booklet which will be guide all suspects through a set of clues while you enjoy a three course meal - no need to print your character descriptions.

  • As our games are not scripted; you will use your own savvy and initiative to follow the clues, investigate evidence and interrogate suspects in an effort to catch the killer at your table.

  • Every table at our event will have the same character set and will be busy solving the same crime at the same time. 

How to make a booking:

  1. If you prefer to book the old fashioned way please contact Inspector Keyser on 084 9938040 or email to find out about availability and to book your seats.
  2. A minimum booking of 2 guests is needed. You can also book a table of 8 or more than one table depending on the size of your group. If you book for 2 or more but less than 8; confirmation of your game is subject to other guests joining your table to fill up all 8 seats. 
  3. You will be sent a reservation notification.
  4. After your payment we will contact you to get  the following information from you:
  • Guest name and surnames
  • Mobile numbers (to send any event notifications)
  • Email addresses (to send individual character descriptions)
  • Please indicate who are couples and the gender of each guest so that we assign the correct character description to each one of your guests.