How do I choose a theme? have a number of unique game scripts for you to choose from.  All our stories are filled with fun intriguing plots and any one of them will afford you an evening of laughter and sleuthing entertainment.  Best advice is start at the top and work your way through the mysteries otherwise choose one that you anticipate would give you and your guests the most pleasure.
Do I have to have acting experience to play along?
Not at all!  Your interpretation of the character is completely up to you.  It is more important that you participate; if you can act it will be an added bonus to your guest’s entertainment.
Do I have to dress up?
Dressing up is not a must but it is strongly advised to help you get into the mood of the game.  Dressing up will also help your fellow players identify and remember your character more clearly and it adds to the fun and laughter.
Is there an age restriction to those who would like to attend? have specific products for all occasions. The nature of our game scripts involve topics that might not be for the young ones ears.  We suggest a minimum age of 16 years.   If you have children under age participating we recommend that you check out a bloodless plot for mysteries without murderous intent. 
How many people can attend? game scripts are designed for 8, 10 or 12 players.  Several options exist to you if you have more guests; double up on your tables and let each table play their own game; twice the fun for the same price. Each game also includes a 'detective' character that can be used for additional guests who will not be suspects but actively participate in solving the crime.
What are the costs involved? have a standard pricing structure that ranges between R600 and R850 for our stock games.  If you would like to have a personalized story written for you the cost would between R9500 to R11 500 depending on script requirements. 
How do I host a party?
If you choose to host your own murder mystery party and purchase one of our game scripts online you will receive a hosting guide with step by step easy instructions!   
If I host a party will I know who the murderer is?
That is your choice!  If you are too curious to wait you can read the full product download or if you like the suspense you can read the hosting instructions only. 
Does each guest get a script to read throughout the game?
No, your guests will receive a character description including a background and a storyboard with events leading up to the murder including secrets, motives and alibis. likes the spontaneity that comes from unscripted parties.  You are given the opportunity to interact and improvise as they go along ensuring a unique experience for all.
What is included in the downloaded game package?
Each package includes a  hosting guide, mystery solution, mystery invitation, character descriptions and printable labels, clue sets including coroners and police reports.
Once I have purchased my game package how long before I can download?
Once your payment has been processed you will be sent a link to download your electronic  mystery toolkit within 24 hours.  This fileshare link will be available to you for 10 days for one download only. You can request the mystery kit to be printed and mailed to you at an additional cost.  
What if I have trouble opening, viewing or printing your mystery toolkit files?
Please contact our support number on our website and we will try to sort out the problem for you.
Can I email out my invitation and character descriptions?
Yes, once your order has been processed you will access to the full mystery toolkit including the character PDF’s as well as email invitations for your guests.
Can I host one of your games for profit?
Yes, but we charge a commercial licensing fee, for any games where guests are requested to purchase a ticket to play or even witness a game being played. The commercial fee is less costly than when you would pay for a game to be written for you and needs to be paid each time you host the game. Please note that if you do charge persons to play one of our games without paying the commercial fee you will be in violation of our games copyright. For more information please see our terms and conditions or contact us directly.
Can I host one of your games as a fund raiser?
Yes, we have a special non-profit rate for customers who would like to use one of our games to raise money for charity.  The non-profit rate will entitle you to use the game once.  If you would like to host another event you will have to pay the non-profit fee again. 
What is our refund policy? do not offer refunds on our products.  Due to the nature of our files we cannot prevent our customers from using the game package after the link has been sent and downloaded.