Murder mystery party games come in different shapes and sizes including dinner theater and scripted mystery games - we play unscripted murder mystery party games.
We divide your guests into groups and assign the same character set to each group.  Suspects interrogate each other and try to flush out the murderer in their midst using clues given by the inspector.  
  1. Each table seats 8 or 10 persons who are each playing a particular character (characters are dived between male and female roles). 
  2. All of the guests are suspects in a terrible murder and one of them is the murderer. 
  3. The game is played while a formal meal is enjoyed.
  4. Works for any group size.  (Minimum 8 - the biggest event we have hosted was 220 suspects)


Before the event:Each character receives his/her character description and story prior to the event, allowing ample time for ‘getting into character.’ 
Dressing up is a big part of the fun! If you choose to let your mystery be a surprise to your guests; the full character descriptions can be added into the booklet each guest will receive on the night of your event at an additional cost.  
During the event: During the event guests receive sets of clues which guide them to the discovery of the murderer.
Each guest will receive their character booklet on the night of the event with a summary of their secrets, motives and alibis.  The booklet also contains instructions of how to play the game as well as actions each suspect is expected to perform during the game.
Due to the number of twists and turns in each character’s story and details, the events are never short of drama and fun. 
End of the game: At the end of game guests at each table will issue an arrest report, after which the solution will be revealed.
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