Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing evening on Friday! We had so much fun!! I did actually not even know that my colleagues could have so much fun! Well done! I will gladly recommend you to anyone!” | Bennie Botha | 07/12/2015

“Wil net se duisende dankies vir ‘n baie suksesvolle aand! Die span kan nie wag vir ons volgende murder and mystery nie! Carmen was fantasties en almal het haar vreeslik geniet.” | Nicola Human | 08/12/2015

Thank you for a wonderful evening on Friday. The team had a great experience and they have enjoyed themselves so much. I will definitely recommend you in the future.” | Annelise Bothma | 30/11/2015

BAIE dankie vir n ongelooflike lekker aand – die span kon nie uitgepraat raak nie” | Marieta van der Sandt | 28/12/2015


“Baie dankie vir al jou moeite en dat jy die aand vir ons suksesvol gemaak het.” | 11/12/2015 | Michelle Rogowski

“Ek wil net namens ons almal se BAIE BAIE DANKIE vir gisteraand!!! Dit was AMAZING!!! Altyd pret saam met jou!!!! J Dankie vir jou moeite en tyd!” | Marika van Heerden | 08/12/2015

“Wow, it was the most amazing night! So much fun! The whole plot was so ridiculous and far-fetched; we loved it! Thanks so much for your admin and her being there on the night.” | Nicola Jacobs | 19/10/2015

The evening was fantastic and well executed. Many thanks, I had a fantastic time and will certainly be spreading the word about my experience.” | Ryan Green | 01/10/2015

Just a note to say thank you for a most enjoyable event.  Everyone had such a great time and is still talking about it.” | Jeanette Jenkins | 01/09/2015

 Everyone had such fun and it is definitely a night to remember! Thank you for getting everyone involved and talking to each other, I think a few new friendships were made last night which is exactly what we are trying to do, so thank you!” | Katherine Henderson | 07/08/2015

We had an amazing evening! It was so much fun and everyone loved it. Carmen was great, the story was fantastic. Thank you very much!” | Andrea | 02/08/2015

“Thanks so much for your contribution to a wonderful night on Friday. Everyone had a fantastic time, and really enjoyed the game!” | Meredith Allan | 27/07/2015

“Thank you we had such fun, will definitely suggest this to friends!” | Shihaam Meyer | 27/07/2015

“Thank you so much Lente! That evening was terrific fun and I can’t wait to get involved in another one J J Thank you for making my birthday so memorable!” | Sandy-Lynn Steenhuisen | 04/06/2015

“Thank you so much!!! We had the best time, will definitely be back for another one in a couple of months :)” | Anthea Jacobs | 28/04/2015

The suspects all had a fantastic time. Many thanks again!” | Melanie Carstens | 28/04/2015

We loved it, it was awesome! I wil defiantly be making use of your services again.” | Monique Wentzel | 21/04/2015

HUGE thanks to Carmen for hosting on Friday night –I know that it took a lot of energy to keep them focused as the girls were so excited!!  They had a ball – we have had lots of “thank-you’s” from parents saying that their daughters loved the mystery party...but the nicest feedback is from the birthday girl – who said that it was the best party ever!” | Judy De Villiers | 23/02/2015

Baie dankie julle!! Ons het uitstekende terugvoering gehad!” |Carina van Wyk | 09/02/2015

Thank you so much for yesterday, everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you it was a big success...” | Devena Kuhnel | 28/11/2014

What a lot of fun we had!!” | Tania Kleynhans | 25/11/2014

Thank you it was awesomeJ” | Melissa Faraday | 24/11/2014

Such an absolute pleasure working with you.” | Lauren Maker | 17/11/2014

Thank you we had a great time.” | Angela van Heerden | 16/11/2014

Thank you so much! You are a real star. I have been so excited to host a murder mystery dinner and to be included in the fun of not knowing who-dun-it until the end. Thank you so much again. I really appreciate it.” | Pete Walton | 27/10/2014

“It was an absolute fantastic evening. We really enjoyed it.” | Arno Roll | 08/07/2014

It was fantastic thank you. Everyone had a great time, definitely planning on doing it again.” | Belinda Merrifield | 07/07/2014


We had an amazing time thanx. Our group was hilarious and really put a great amount of effort into it with costumes and accents and things.” | Jessica Barrella | 08/07/2014

We had so much fun and the food was great!  Thank you for all your efforts!  Feast of murders goes highly recommended and we look forward to take part in another one in the near future.” | Monique Vosloo | 07/07/2014

“Thank you for a brilliant idea, and a night of creativity away from “normal life” | Nicole Carter | 07/07/2014

It was a lot of fun thank you!” | Carolin Hannig | 07/07/2014

Was cool thx, my wife and I had a good night out J Half of the 10 got the guess correct!” Trevor Nell | 07/07/2014

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome evening we had. Thank so much from all of us. J” | Leon Du Toit | 18/06/2014

“Vreeslik geniet, baie dankie!” | Lana Wolvardt | 24/02/2014

Thank you so much for the game last night everyone had a blast.” | Kimberley Hiss | 20/09/2013

Thank you for the wonderful dinner last week!” | Kareema Salie | 25/08/2013

“Lente van ons kant af baie baie dankie vir die manier hoe jy gister ons spel hanteer het – dit was regtig baie lekker.  Nooit gedink daar is ‘n paar tussen ons wat met ‘n “straight face” so lekker kan jok nie;)” | Alfreda Coetzee | 19/07/2013

Thank you so much for doing an amazing job.” | Sarah Scott | 15/07/2013

“Thank you for a wonderful day and for being a sport with the playing of characters. My team had a great time.” | Kerry Sossen | 08/07/2013

Thanks for a lovely night!” | Junita Williams | 03/06/2013

Thanks so much for last night, it was great fun!” | Shannon Colavita | 01/06/2013

Thank you for the amazing evening the other night :)” | Kayli Vee Levitan | 29/05/2013

Just a short note from C and I to thank you for the Masked Massacre function. It really was very professionally done and the venue is absolutely awesome! The amount of work and attention to detail speaks volumes and a great time was had by all! You should be extremely proud! Well done!” | Keith Pinn | 28/05/2013

I just wanted to quickly say thank-you once again.  We had an amazing time and the game was a total hit with my friends.  I will definitely be recommending your service!” | Chantelle Da Conceicao | 27/05/2013

We had such fun! You were right everyone is still on about it! We, the characters, are planning a reunion!” Sherinne De Fanti | 21/05/2013

“The experience was very well received from us all thanks Lente. Very enjoyable, not predictable and definitely enough creativity to keep everyone interested, entertained and impressed.” | Ryan Scott | 06/03/2013

“Thank you for a wonderful day and for being a sport with the playing of characters. My team had a great time.” | Kerry Sossen | 08/07/2013

Thank you so much for doing an amazing job.” | Sarah Scott | 15/07/2013


“Lente van ons kant af baie baie dankie vir die manier hoe jy gister ons spel hanteer het – dit was regtig baie lekker.  Nooit gedink daar is ‘n paar tussen ons wat met ‘n “straight face” so lekker kan jok nie;)” | Alfreda Coetzee | 19/07/2013

Thank you for the wonderful dinner last week!” | Kareema Salie | 25/08/2013

Thank you so much for the game last night everyone had a blast.” | Kimberley Hiss | 20/09/2013

“Thank you so much for the excellent way in which you facilitated the function yesterday. Everyone loved it! It definitely was a hit and the pics are awesome!!!” | Coreen Lategan | 13/12/2012


“Thanx very much for yesterday…it was so much fun.” | Ishmaeel Thompson | 12/12/2012


“Almal het ‘n BALL gehad ;-) hulle kan nie uit gepraat raak nie. Dankie vir al die harde werk en vir ‘n lekker aand.” | Judy Van Zyl | 11/12/2012


“Thank you very much for a wonderful exciting party on Friday.  Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.” | Erica Wood | 10/12/2012


“Last night went well – I am sure that a good time was had by all. They all assumed their characters very well and stayed true to the theme all night. I was amazed that 4 of them actually worked out who both the murderers were. It is great fun and highly recommendable. Thanks for all your patience and guidance.” | Colleen Ramsay | 06/12/2012


“We really had an awesome time. It was a lot of fun and our hosts were fantastic. Everyone made an effort to dress up which added to the vibe. Thanks for everything it really was well organised!” | Sheryl Aldridge | 30/11/2012


“A BIG thank you for last night we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I will highly recommend the ‘Murder Mystery Dinner’” | Vanessa Voges |



“Thank you so much for last nights murder mystery, everyone enjoyed themselves.” | Zeenat Patel | 28/11/2012


“We were extremely satisfied with your service.” | Vanessa V Bailey | 26/11/2012


“I just wanted to say Thank You so much for making the evening of my birthday such a success!  You make a first rate detective & I will highly recommend your services.” | Dot Theruse | 19/11/2012


“Thanks Inspector, by all accounts it was a great success and everyone enjoyed.” | Carola Esterhuizen | 16/11/2012


“Ek wil julle net graag bedank vir ‘n baie aangename aand, baie lekker kos en uitstekende geselskap 10 uit 10!” | George Harmse | 15/11/2012


“We SO enjoyed the evening and meeting you was a bonus! And thanks again for alll the organising!” | Fazila Wahab | 14/11/2012


“DIT WAS EXCELLENT!! Dankie!!” | Louis van der Berg | 06/11/2012


“Thanks, the game and organization around the game were excellent and a lot of fun!” | Jeanell Kelly | 06/11/2012


“Many thanks for a really great evening on Saturday, we all had such fun.” | Wanda Olszewski | 05/11/2012


“Thank you Lente for an AWESOME evening, we all enjoyed it so much! Looking forward to the next one!” | Jessica Allen | 29/10/2012


“Thank you so much for your assistance with this. Your service was excellent!” | Zahida Yusuf | 17/10/2012


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for a wonderful evening.  My guests and I had a fantastic time. Thoroughly enjoyed.” | Andy Shearman | 03/09/2012


“Thank you for an amazing experience on Friday.” | Patricia Petersen |



“So much fun last night thank you again for a great mystery.” |Tracy-ann Finnan | 01/09/2012


“Thank you so much Lente, it’s so nice to deal with suppliers as professional as you :)” | Lauren Maker – Cape Point Route | 27/08/2012


“This was a great evening indeed – thank you for a lovely evening.” | Liza Visser | 06/08/2012


“Die hele ondervinding was heerlik!” | Yolandi Labuschagne | 06/08/2012


“I was at the New Orleans Voodoo evening - loved it and will book for the next two mystery evenings.” | Kathy Graham | 01/08/2012


“Die terugvoering wat ek ontvang het van die funksie is baie positief. Almal het die aand baie geniet en ek sal jou dienste definitief aanbeveel – weereens dankie.“ | Sumari Naude | 01/08/2016


“Duisende dankies – ek het vanoggend baie goeie terugvoer gekry oor gisteraand se ete en die Murder Mystery!” | Bonita Conradie | 19/07/2012


“Baie dankie ook vir die heerlike aand, ons het dit vreeslik geniet ;)” | Michelle Wessels | 17/07/2012


“Thank you so much to you, the organisers and Five Flies for the spectacular event. I could not have chosen a better place to spend my birthday with my friends. Everyone had only good things to say and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! I'm sure will see some of us again at the next one!” | Robyn De Beer | 04/07/2012


“The game was great.... we all throughly enjoyed it and it was the best game ever (especially that my brother-in-law fooled my sister-hee hee) I cannot compliment the game enough. I recommend this experience to everyone.” | Catherine Henderson | 04/07/2012


“Hi Chief Inspector, regarding last Friday, the venue was great, service excellent and the game great fun!” | Gill Gant | 05/06/2012


We all agree that it was one of the most awesome evenings we have had in ages... It was such fun. Thanks again for an awesome evening!” | Tove De Chazal | 05/06/2012


“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.” | Lorraine Mewett | 30/05/2012


“Thank you very much, we had a ball!” | Giovanna | 30/052/2012


“Thank you for making us think, lie and guess. We all realised that being a detective is not that easy. Lovely evening all round!” | Maria Marinengo | 30/05/2012


“Thank you for a wonderful evening! We had so much fun.” | Samarie Smith | 10/05/2012


“Thanks once again for a terrific night! We had an absolute blast.”

| Ilse van der Merwe | 10/05/2012


“Thanks for the lovely evening last night Lente. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I must commend you on some brilliant character matching, probably without your knowledge. so well done! Hehe!” | Amina Joseph | 30/03/2012


“We thorouhgly enjoyed the evening. Hope to see you soon again.” | Linda Herloff-Petersen | 29/03/2012


“On behalf of the company, I’d just like to say a HUGE thank you for last night. People had an absolutely amazing time and have not stopped talking about it. It was such a great idea, theme and you organized it so well.” | Allison Scotsman | 09/12/2012


“Thank you so much for the amazing evening!!” | Jaclyn Ross | 01/12/2011


“Thank you for making our evening so special and memorable. We enjoyed it so much and the staffs haven’t stopped talking about it today.” |

Alexis Sacks | 01/12/2012


“It was absolutely AMAZING!  Everyone went to so much trouble with their outfits and looked fantastic.  The game was so much fun and I got the murderer right (more luck than skill!) so I won a prize.” | Jo Kirsten | 15/11/2012


“Many thanks for the lovely evening on Friday, everyone enjoyed it!” Donna-Lee Neiman | 31/10/2011


“Thanks for another great evening. Looking forward to the next one!” | Anne Ellis | 31/10/2011


“It was quite an entertaining evening; really enjoyed it!” | Carla Cerfontyne | 31/10/2011


“It was huge fun again!” | Marin Slabbert | 31/10/2011


“We enjoyed the evening THOROUGHLY!!Thank you very much.It was a blast!!!” | Jaco Kritzinger | 01/09/2011