Mysterious Services

We can offer you the following additional services:

1.  Full Hosting service; hosting your mystery game for you at any venue of your choice and for any number of suspects.  We  specialise in corporate functions (mid-year, year-end and team-building) as well as hosting private events (birthday, anniversary, dinner and other clubs). You can download our PDF's below for a full list of games you can consider (not all our games are available for DIY gaming) along with our introduction document to explain how the game and our services work.. Also available is a preferred venue list, our previous clients list and witness testimony regarding our games and services.  (Available in Cape Town and surrounds, Johannesburg Pretoria and Surrounds)

2.  Remote Coordination service; as we are based in Cape Town and Johannesburg we do understand the cost of having an actual host at your event could be too costly if you are based somewhere else in South Africa.  Below is a PDF introduction document to explain how our remote coordination services work.  

3. Hosting only; if you are based in Cape Town or Johannesburg and have the time to take care of all the pre-event coordination and printing but would still prefer to have one of our hosts on duty at your event to facilitate the game enabling you to relax and enjoy participating in the game.    

4. Writing service. We can add and edit characters and write new original games for any event. Below is a PDF document with more information regarding our writing service.

Please contact us for personalised quotation based on the number of suspects you expect to be in attendance at your event.     

Games_Bepartofthemystery_2020.pdf Games_Bepartofthemystery_2020.pdf
Size : 117.262 Kb
Type : pdf
Preferred Venues_Bepartofthemystery_2020.pdf Preferred Venues_Bepartofthemystery_2020.pdf
Size : 64.015 Kb
Type : pdf
Witness Testimony_Bepartofthemystery_2020.pdf Witness Testimony_Bepartofthemystery_2020.pdf
Size : 94.219 Kb
Type : pdf
Intro_Bepartofthemystery_Private_2020.pdf Intro_Bepartofthemystery_Private_2020.pdf
Size : 99.717 Kb
Type : pdf
Intro_Bepartofthemystery_Remote_2020.pdf Intro_Bepartofthemystery_Remote_2020.pdf
Size : 77.228 Kb
Type : pdf
Writing Service_Bepartofthemystery_2020.pdf Writing Service_Bepartofthemystery_2020.pdf
Size : 74.36 Kb
Type : pdf
Intro_Bepartofthemystery_Gauteng_2020.pdf Intro_Bepartofthemystery_Gauteng_2020.pdf
Size : 100.28 Kb
Type : pdf